Thursday, May 29, 2003

My legs have been hurting for a week now. I don't want to be a hypochondriac...but they really hurt! I went to see Dr. B and the blood work came back normal. The nurse said, "Just take the anti-inflamatory pills and hopefully that will work." Then she hung up. I felt really disappointed and frustrated. I guess I am experiencing what alot of people experience with the medical field. My dad was a doctor, so I always had excellent care growing up. People listened to me; we got in to see the doctor early; most of the time, doctors didn't even charge us (Our town was that way-- doctors didn't charge each other's families for their services.) Now that I'm grown up,'s different. I'm astonished by the price of medical care. Alot of the time, it's "Here take this pill and see what happens." No, why don't you TALK to me?! Frustrating.

I'm a healthy person, so this leg thing is just so weird for me. It's scary when you go on the internet looking for what could possibly be the problem and the items that pop up on Google are "West Nile Virus," "Multiple Schlerosis," and "Lyme Disease." And my husband keeps forgetting and trying to rub my legs. I'm like, "Hello. Grab the butt, please. THE BUTT." I'm just praying that this is some weird thing that comes and goes, and I can look back and say, "Well, that was sure an odd experience."

It was Memorial Day Weekend last weekend, and with my legs hurting so badly, I laid on the couch most of the time and watching "E!" It was Child Stars weekend-- The Real Hollywood Stories. What a waste of time, I know. But some of them just got under my skin and really disturbed me to the core! Like Scott Schwartz. He was the kid from "The Toy." He also played Flick on "A Christmas Story"-- the kid that stuck his tongue to the flagpole. He was so adorable back then. Anyway, he became a porn star!!! It was so sad. He's just this guy that could never get the fame and Hollywood recognition out of his blood. The only place he could get "work" was pornos. He has all this ambition and it's just never going to happen again for him. I kept thinking, "Come ON. Just go to college. Get a 9 to 5 job. Be content." But I guess that's not the way our culture works. You're not anything unless you are rich or famous. That's another reason why Jesus was such a radical dude. He just didn't play by those rules. He didn't care or even acknowledge that crap. He hung out with losers. That makes me feel better about being a "loser."


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