Wednesday, October 08, 2003

My husband figured out how to change my colors! Cool, huh? He is a Fiddler. He can fiddle with anything until it works. It's one of the reasons that I married him. I'm lazy and I don't like doing things for myself.

The sun came out yesterday, so my mood has greatly lifted. I was driving to work, today, considering the town that I live in. It's a very nice little town. It's got a little university, pretty parks, gazebos, lots of trees, old homes, walking trails. It's safe. There are lots of nice, caring people here. There is a little art center that does little plays every couple of months. There is even a little family of ducks that lives downtown. There are signs up that say "Duck Crossing" and when the ducks decide to cross the street, everything stops for them. There's also a crazy man that hangs out downtown and waves at everyone in their cars, and everyone waves back.

What is the point of me saying all this? Sometimes, it's BORING. But it's good. So, maybe the good things in life are boring. Just a theory that I'm developing.


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