Wednesday, October 01, 2003

My husband knows the way to my heart. Art supplies. We were in Hobby Lobby last night and there was all this watercolor board on clearance. I was drooling because it was so cheap and there was so much of it. Dreams of creative visions flew through my head. I looked at him, with that "I know we are on a budget but....pleeeeeze?" look, and he let me get it. All. He bought me $50 worth of watercolor board, which, to an artist, is like bling-bling (to quote Puff Daddy.)

We are a pretty good match. Mainly because of this: we each still have our own lives. We don't do everything together, and we don't feel the need to, either. I let him go to Alaska for a week a year ago with his brother and stayed home to work on art projects. I feel free to go have a cup of coffee with friends. I go see movies by myself sometimes, just for kicks. We spend most evenings in different rooms, working on various projects. I know this doesn't sound extraordinary, but I have been amazed by how many couples don't allow this of each other. It bothers me. I may be married, but I am still Ellen. I'm by no means a radical feminist--I usually defer to Jason. But I have appreciated that I am married to someone who lets me explore.

I think I need to remember this when I have kids also. It's probably even more difficult to keep from getting lost when you have a baby attached to your boob.


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