Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Suicidal Birds and The Third Eye

I think that cardinals are suicidal. I don't know how many of those dadgum birds I have gotten stuck in the grill of my car, but it's been alot. They divebomb the highway! It's like they are headed straight for your wheels. I always feel horrible after I hit one, but I am to the point where I kinda think it's their own fault. I mean, even crows know to fly away from roadkill when a car is coming.

I am supposed to have yoga tonight, but I think that I am quitting. Over the past month or two, Lori, the yoga leader, has gotten increasingly new-agey. I thought that I was the only one noticing it, so I've just done my warrior poses and kept my mouth shut. But I missed last time and Shelley told me this weekend that Lori started talking about "the third eye" or some crap like that. Lori hadn't gotten quite that far the last time I was there, but she was talking about "finding your center and letting it guide you for the rest of the week." And "Let the divine in me greet the divine in you." It would be different if I was going to a yoga center or even a health club. But my yoga class takes place at an Episcopal church. It also bothers me because she's the wife of a Bible professor at the university in our town. It reminds me of reverse Stepford Wives. I don't really know what to make of it. I really like her but I am growing increasingly uncomfortable. It's pretty impossible to relax and do yoga when you are squirming inside. I think I am just going to bow out.

I had a weird thing happen last night. I woke up and thought I saw a figure standing next to the bed. I mean, I seriously thought it was there. I gasped (my natural response to fear) and threw my arms and legs up to protect myself. Jason said, "What's wrong?" About that time, I came to my outward senses and tried to say nonchalantly, "Oh, I thought I saw something." He chuckled at me and fell back asleep. But my inward senses were still very convinced that something tall and creepy was in that room. I peered out of my blankets at the spot where I saw it for about half an hour, fully expecting to have a knife-wielding maniac jump out and slash my chihuahua (who was sleeping peacefully on top of me) in half. I know that people have weird night things happen to them all the time, but this is the first time it's happened to me with that intensity.


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