Friday, April 23, 2004

Toto, I Don't Think We're in Arkansas Anymore

XM Radio this morning: (sorry guys, but it's my new toy and I'm obsessed) Michael Jackson's "PYT." He's a creepy weirdo now, but boy, could he ever sing back in the day. I love this song! It brought back 3rd grade memories at the roller rink. We little girls would wait excitedly for the part of the song where he sings, "Pretty Young Things, repeat after me...sing 'na na na na'!" Then we'd all stop eating our cotton candy from the snack bar and repeat "na na na na" for Michael. And I'd always feel slightly embarrassed at the part of the song where he grunts really loud. I knew it was sexual and therefore bad.

It was a good birthday yesterday, save for the tornados swirling all along the perimeter of my town. About 7pm, I gathered all four of the animals and threw them in the bathroom in the middle of the house, and waited for the sirens. Those of you who have not ever lived in Tornado Alley probably don't understand the procedures. In the spring, when the sky starts turning a sickly green color, that's when you turn on the TV. If the newscaster says, "Tornado Watch," you kind of blow it off. "Tornado Warning," that means a tornado has touched down somewhere, so it's time to open the windows (to equalize pressure in case one comes close to your house, so the window panes don't explode all over your living room). "Wall Cloud" means that it's time to gather your pets into the safest room in the house (basement is best, next is a windowless bathroom in the middle of the house.) If you hear sirens, then it's time to go to the safe room, sit in the bathtub and put pillows over your head. If you hear what sounds like a freight train ramming your house, duck and pray.

So that's Twisters 101. I'm sure they have a similiar course called Earthquakes 101 over in California.


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