Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Yesterday was my day off. I could really really get used to it. So nice.

After cleaning the house, I went over to the town that is thirty minutes away to hang out. My town is very small. Not even a movie theater. (But, of course, a Walmart. I also live forty-five minutes away from Walmart Headquarters, so our area has a Walmart on every street corner.) Anyway, I went and had lunch in the food court of the mall. I've discovered that, when you've got to eat alone, malls are good places to do so. Not that I am afraid to eat alone, but in a mall, most of the people are eating alone, I've noticed. You don't even have to have the required "reading material" to shield you from prying eyes ("Why's that poor girl eating alone? Oh, she's reading. Well, that means she wants to be alone, so that's socially okay.") It's also fun to people watch. The boyfriend/girlfrind duo with his hand on her butt, the butt that has been yanked into too-tight jeans. The tired stay-at-home mom with her kids, out at the mall to simply get out of the house. The beauty counter ladies in their little black smocks, on break from Dillard's, smoking and talking on a cell phone.

I also went to Target. (WARNING: Parenting skills rant ahead) Everywhere I went, it seemed that these two moms with their two kids were five feet away from me. Their kids were horrible horrible horrible. After awhile, I became curious, so I started dropping eaves. Here is the basic whatnot of it:

(Kids basically act bratty)
One of the moms (I can't really tell them apart--one is blonde, the other brunette): Do you want to go to the bathroom?
Kid: No. Why?
Mom: To get a spanking.
Kid: No. I don't want a spanking.
Mom: Well, you're going to get one if you don't stop it.
Kid: I'm gonna take YOU to the bathroom.
Mom: What?
Kid: I'm gonna spank you!
Mom: That's it! You're getting a spanking! You're going to the bathroom!
(Mom keeps looking at comforters.)
(Kid continues to act awful. I notice that the scene is repeated several more times, different mother each time. Blonde mom's cell phone rings and she answers.)
Mom: (yak yak yak)
(Kid hollers)
Mom: You be quiet or you're going to get a spanking right now!
Kid: No, you're gonna get the spanking!
Mom: This is your father on the phone and he says that you are going to get a spanking when you get home.
Kid: No, HE'S gonna get a spanking.
(Mother continues talking, and it is obvious that it is not actually the child's father.)

Here's my problem with the whole scenario.

1) No follow-through. I know that it sucks to have to leave what you are doing to go spank or discipline, but these moms had no control AT ALL. Their kids had learned a long time ago that mom doesn't follow up on threats.

2) I felt my blood surge when that child told his mom that he was going to spank her. And she just ignored it! That sort of sass talk would last one round with me. He would get the biggest spanking with that disrespect.

3) Using Dad as the baddie. I'm sorry but I can spank just as well as a man.

Sorry, I know that people are probably saying, "You just wait!"


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