Thursday, April 01, 2004

I think that one reason that I've been wanting a baby so badly is those intolerably adorable baby items. Rebekah, Karen and I went to Target last night to shop for the baby shower that we are throwing for our two friends on Saturday. Baby stuff in general is adorable, but when you add the style of Target to it, it's a cuteness explosion. I've never been one for licensed characters, but they have this Classic Pooh line that is precious (ugh. Did I just say "precious"?) And everything is so damn soft. Everything I picked up I wanted to throw in my cart and take home to sleep with at night.

During dinner, we discussed adoption. My sister, Karen, works for an adoption agency and she has a boatload of heartwrenching stories. She told us the story of this little Russian 4 year old who was finally going to get adopted. He was so excited that he asked the people at the orphanage if they would get him a little suit to wear to meet his new parents. The day that he was supposed to meet them, they backed out and decided not to adopt him. So there is this little expectant orphan waiting for them with his little suit, and they never came. ARGH. Isn't that horrendously heartbreaking?

Apparently, Orlando Bloom is shooting a movie in a little Ozark mountain town near where I live. On the radio this morning, someone called in and was screeching "I saw him! He waved at me! EEEEEEEEE!!!" Now, I am as Orlando infatuated as the next person, but only in fantasy make-believe land. Like in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. I would go through the little hole in the wall on the toy train and pop out in a world full of Orlando Blooms living in trees near my castle. But I started thinking about this radio listener's reaction. It struck me as really really weird in the general scheme of life. I mean, he's just a Joe Schmo like the rest of us. All of those celebrities are. They have to poop and shave and die like everyone else. I wonder how surreal that would be to have someone faint if I looked at them. It must be bizarre....and really difficult not to get a big head.

Would I react that way if Orlando Bloom waved at me from his limo? After much soul searching (or maybe a couple of minutes worth), I realized that, no, I would not. For one thing, I'm actually a fairly shy and easily embarrassed person when it comes to stuff like that. I would never approach someone who's famous, mainly because I know that I would just be another in the long stream of fans wanting to bask in their glory. Maybe it's because I'm vain and self-absorbed and I want to be "special." I don't like that idea of being completely forgettable. And what good is an autograph, really? It seems pretty silly, when you think about it.

I don't know, maybe there are a few people that I would approach....but people who had truly influenced my life and I'd want to tell them that. C.S. Lewis. Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss). Gary Larson. Oh, I know! Berkeley Breathed. I would totally make a nuisance of myself with him. He is the cartoonist of "Bloom County" which was an enormous influence on me, creatively.

It's interesting to think about who you would actually make a fool of yourself for.


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