Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I researched my rage problem last night, and found out that most Wellbutrin people get it after six weeks of starting it and it lasts for a few weeks. I think I am exactly at the six week mark, so that makes sense. I'll ride it out for awhile and try not to obliterate anyone. After reading some of the comments that the other Wellbutrin ragers had, I actually feel a little lucky. Some of them were moms, and they said they would have to go lock themselves in a bathroom to keep from screaming at their kids. I am getting upset at the thermostat! I can't imagine dealing with this while having a hyper three year-old running around.

I also apologized to my co-worker and she said she hadn't even noticed my outburst! So either I am very calm when I am furious, or I'm just always a bitch. I figured I'd better smooth it out fast because we're spending four days together in May at the New York stationery show.

Besides, Jason said that there was no way in hell he was letting me go off of it. He's enjoying some of the other side effects of Wellbutrin, if you know what I mean. Wink wink.

In other news, Larry the Possum has been eradicated from our garage. For several mornings, when we entered our garage, it was like a war zone. Something had pooped on the floor, eaten an entire bag of dog food, knocked over paint cans, scratched up the door trying to get out and had made a general mess. Then on Monday night, coming back from our movie, we opened the garage door and I saw something run from under my car to our pile of junk in the corner. I kept praying, "Please don't be a rat. Please don't be a rat."

Yesterday after lunch, Jason got the nerve up to investigate. Well, inside a doggie carrier shoved in the corner of the garage, was a sleeping possum. Jason shook the cage a little and it hissed but obviously had no intention of leaving. He picked up the cage and put it out in front of the house. When I came home at five, that dude was still in the cage! Sound asleep. We left him there, but he's gone this morning.

Possums have really creepy eyes.


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