Friday, March 19, 2004

Anal Retentive Chinese Man is driving me crazy today. For some reason, Fridays are the worst anal days for him. I think it's because he's trying to get all his work out before the weekend.

Speaking of the Anal Retentive Chinese Man, yesterday he did the weirdest thing. He has a new cell phone, which he keeps attached to his belt. Kyle noticed and said, "Hey! New cell phone! Can I see it?" Anal Retentive Chinese Man freaks out and says, "No No No" and flees. Kyle, interest peaked, follows him. Conversation, as follows:

Kyle: Why? Let me just see it.
Anal: No! No no no no.
Kyle: Why? All I want to do is look at it.
Anal: No no no no.
Kyle: I'm not going to call anyone!
Anal: No, it's my phone. No no no no.
Kyle: Let me see your phone!
Anal: No.
Kyle: What's the matter with you?!

By this time, five of us have gathered around his desk, all interests quite peaked. Anal is clutching his phone and shoos us away.

So today, I told Rebekah about it, so when we were in the parking lot at lunch, she saw him and said, "Hey Anal! (she used his real name) Can I look at your phone?" Just to tweak him. Anal grabbed his phone and said, "No no no no!" and ran away.

Maybe he has porn on it?


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