Thursday, March 18, 2004

It's weird when God convicts you to do something. You put it off and put it off until you finally do it. But after you do it, you feel a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders.

I have been collecting baby items for about two years now. Ebay, garage sales, Target (CUTE stuff), Gap Baby....I had about four big tubs full of stuff. Little booties, a baby bouncer, onesies, teddy bears, a Baby Bjorn, even future scrapbooking stuff. It's been sitting in the back of my closet for a long time. Recently, God told me to give it away. I haven't wanted to because I guess it represented "my plan." But the truth is, I want God's plan for my life, not mine. Today at lunch, I went home and went through it all. I kept a few things for myself, just in case, but the rest I decided to give to my friends, Sunny and Stephanie, who are both due in May. I gave all the pink stuff to Stephanie (she's having a girl), the blue stuff to Sunny (boy) and then decided to give all of the neutral stuff to Sunny also, because her husband is a youth minister and they are poor poor poor.

It was hard bringing it in to give to Steph, and I almost started crying several times (I didn't though. I'm very good at sucking things in. Maybe it's a talent of mine. Lately anything "baby" makes me tear up.) But I feel so much better. It's going to be used, instead of stuck in tubs in the back of a closet. I kept the little things that meant something to me, and a couple of little toys that my friend Mindy's baby likes to play with when he comes over.

So I feel better.


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