Thursday, March 04, 2004

Stephanie, Rebekah and I went and ate Chinese for lunch. (Which I am probably going to get in trouble for with my husband, now that I think about it, because I wasn't supposed to spend any money this week.) For some unknown reason, Chinese sounded really good when Rebekah suggested it. So we went to Hunan Manor, one of our small town's two Chinese restaurants. The other one, New China, has always made all of us sick, so we thought, "Hey, we'll try the other one!"

When we first got there, as we were going through the buffet, I said, "Hey! Why haven't we done this before? This is great!" as I scooped up my wontons, chicken fried rice and egg drop soup. After we'd been eating for awhile, I realized that everything that I had eaten had been subpar, at best. I mean, the wontons were gummy. Stephanie liked it, but then, she's 7 months pregnant and she likes everything right now. And let me say, this place was a dive. Then, near the end, Stephanie started getting really anxious and claustrophobic. She suddenly started getting her things together whilst Rebekah and I were still trying to consume what we could stomach from our plates. We said, "Are you going somewhere?" and Stephanie said, "I got to leave!" Rebekah said, "Oh, aren't you enjoying the ceiling's decor?" Which struck me as particularily funny, since I don't normally even notice stuff like that. I looked up and every other tile had a nasty waterstain on it. We finally left and now I feel sick at my tummy. It's probably justice for disobeying my husband.

I just got the news on my worklife. I am still getting my raise (yay!!!!) but not getting "promoted" (i.e. my job title isn't changing), and I am allowed to go down to 4 days a week. My boss said to keep it hush hush, because they aren't going through HR (the evil domain that it is). He also said that they were allowing it for the medical reasons that I gave (I will probably have to start seeing a RE (reproductive endocrinologist) pretty soon and the nearest one is an hour and a half away), not the personal reasons (I just don't feel like working, ha ha). Then he said that I might get another raise in six months or so, depending on "what happens." So basically, if I get pregnant, then I will probably have to go back to five days a week, which will lead to an official promotion/raise. Weird, huh? Get pregnant and start working harder. It's confusing, I know.

Rebekah did this same thing about a year and a half ago. She was having some med issues, so she went down to four days because the stress of the job wasn't helping her condition. It lasted about three months and she ended up having to go back to five days, because as she was told, "You were hired for 40 hours a week." Which I can understand, I guess. But she looks back on her four day work life with great fondness.

I don't know....things change. Life changes. You start putting your priorities in a different order. Some of the people here that are salary (I'm hourly) work 55 hours a week. I guess that they can handle that, but I am just discovering that other things in my life are becoming much more important. I want to be able to cook dinner every night, keep the house clean, take care of my husband, work on my cartooning....I'm really blessed that we are in a situation where I don't have to work as hard anymore. A lot of people aren't. Plus, I know some women here that thrive in the work world-- working 55 hours and going home to take care of family is no problem for them. I'm just not one of them.


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