Sunday, February 22, 2004

Shelley is going to get published! (If you don't know Shelley, go over and visit Finding Normal.) She is going to have an article in Philosophical Mother in April. I'd like to say that it's all because of our newly formed Creative Guild, but...she actually sent the piece in last November or so.

Speaking of Shelley, she got a mothering reprieve yesterday and we went off to wander bookstores and drink coffee. We had a really good time browsing self-help books (a guilty pleasure of mine, since they never actually do any good) and slurping down way too much caffiene. I was so good, though. I only bought one used book for 4 bucks.

When I came home, after the five hours, I was exhausted. That was the most I could do. Being an introvert is hard sometimes. Even being with people that you really like and connect with can be draining. Shelley, the extreme extrovert that she is, probably had the opposite reaction. She comes alive after social interaction.

I'm having crazy side effects now from the Wellbutrin, and possibly coming off the Lexapro. Hot flashes. Skin discoloration. Droopy eye (Yes, eye. The right one.) I just feel sick. Here is my Official Wellbutrin Side Effects List: (I know you guys really don't care, but this is what is going on in my life so I'm going to write about it) Nausea, headaches, chills, hot flashes, itching, paranoid invisible rash, skin discoloration (on my boobs), droopy eye (it's like one lid has silly putty on it), ringing in the ears, and lastly, the infamous Electric Dizzies (my name for them.)

Those of you who have never gone off an anti-depressant won't know what the heck I am talking about. Those of you who have are probably standing up and saying "Yes! I hear you, sister!" The Electric Dizzies are like being dizzy all the time, but when you stand up or turn your head too fast, there is a shock wave of electricity that reverberates through your brain. It's more than vertigo. The only way I can describe it is "chemical pulses."

Did I ever blog about "Lost in Translation"? Maybe I did. Can't remember. I think I might be changing my mind about my vote for Best Picture of the Year. I was all about LOTR and Peter Jackson, but I don't know. "Lost in Translation" has just stuck with me for weeks now. I keep relating to it. I love the ambiance. Watching that movie is what being depressed feels like. I love the oddness of it--feeling like an alien. I remember living in Italy and having every sight, smell, and blinking light remind you that you don't belong. I love the relationship between Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanson. Nobody has ever made a movie like this (at least that I've seen) about finding your soul mate...and it, of course, being all wrong and perfect at the same time. I love at the end, when he chases her down and whispers something in her ear. You don't get to partake in the exchange, but you know that it's a moment, a word, that they are going to think about every day for the rest of their lives. And that's it. That's all they get. But it's all they need to be able to go back to their own lives and make them better.

Of course, most of the people I know that have seen this movie hated it and found it depressing. So I certainly won't be offended if you rent it and say, "That damn Ellen."

Well, my Sunday night of shows is going to begin soon. The evening that I look forward to all week. Fox Sunday Night!! Simpsons! Malcolm! King of the Hill! (Used to have Futurama in that list, but it got canceled due to the fact that only myself and a handful of male Trekkies in North Dakota were watching it.) Again let me say that if you haven't watched "Arrested Development" yet, please please PLEASE watch it so they don't cancel it. Funniest new show in years. I promise.


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