Thursday, February 19, 2004

More new side effects...ringing in the ears. There's a symphony in my head. Jason looked it up and it's called tinnitus, or something like that. Plus, I am so nauseaus. Also listed as a side effect. I just have to get through the first week hump, then most of this will go away.

I worked on a book illustration cover last night and really enjoyed myself. I think I might finally have a set-up that will work for me. We bought a cheap card table at Walmart and put it behind the couch. I have all my watercolors and boards scattered all over it. My animals (including my dog) all perch on the top of the couch and watch me paint. The heater is next to me, and I can see the TV. This just might work. When I was growing up, I worked on my floor. I hunched over my artwork for hours, and usually ended up with a back ache by the end of the evening. I got away with that through college also, but my body just can't do that anymore. Ever since then, I've tried all sorts of new working areas. Jason bought me a drafting table several years ago. It didn't take, so we got rid of it. It was too big and just accumulated stuff on it. I've had my own "art room" but I got lonely, so I would drag all my stuff out to the living room couch. But I think that this new set-up has promise.

I went over to my friend Erin's house yesterday for lunch to look at her baby room (it was her shower on Sunday.) So adorable! It is yellow, and absolutely charming. She has her husband's old crib and little knickknacks here and there, like baby spoons and big blue elephant toys. I could see Mary Engelbreit doing one of her magazine's little "profiles" in there. I always wonder if those little charming cottage houses really exist. I suspect that some magazine editor has gone in there with a big box of antique whatnots that they found in New Jersey and sprayed the house down with sweetness. But Erin's house actually looks like that. Unless she just sprayed the house down right before I got there. She's 8 1/2 months pregnant, though, so I doubt it.


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