Saturday, March 20, 2004

Inspired by The Litter Box, here is the cast of my worklife:

Anal Retentive Chinese Man (see recent review below)
The Grand Manipulator (has been reviewed in past posts)
Infeminate Yet Straight Highly Capable Boss
Butt-kissing Hypocritical Hypochondriac
The Weeping Scatterbrain
Miss Pushy Pushy
Mr. Sarcasm
The Opinionated Burn Out
The Touchy-Feely Trouble-Maker
Passive Aggressive Priss

which leads to me...

I realized that I am the Loose Cannon. Some days I am The Bitch. Some days, I am The Life of the Party. Some days, I am the Recluse. I might be the most dangerous of all, because I am unpredictable and I am highly combustible.



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