Sunday, April 04, 2004

The baby showers are over, thank goodness. I've gotten better at enjoying social activities, but boy, do they ever wear me out. I could spend hours talking to one person in a coffee shop, but small talking with fifteen people at a shower almost does me in. After the shower yesterday, I got home at 1:30, crawled in bed and fell asleep for three hours. (which I needed, but resulted in getting a crappy night's sleep last night)

It was a fun shower, if I do say so myself. My two friends are due about a week or so apart, in May. My biggest worry was that Stephanie (the gregarious extrovert) would get alot more presents than Sunny (very shy introvert). Stephanie had invited about twenty people, while Sunny only gave me two names. But thankfully, everyone who came shopped for both. They both seemed pretty happy and overwhelmed by all of it. An artist friend of mine painted Stephanie a little picture with her future daughter's name on it, and Steph started crying. I remember feeling that way at some of my wedding showers. Like, "You guys did all of this for me?"

I realized something, also. Rebekah and I officially threw the party, but my sister, Karen, helped tremendously. She made the punch, planned a shower game and made these little cheese puffs. I thought back and I remember now that when I helped throw Steph's wedding shower a year ago, Karen came and helped me also. I think that I really depend on her to help get me through "girlie stuff." I just don't know that stuff; it doesn't come naturally for me. Throwing showers, buying clothes, picking out nail polish. All that crap. Karen is usually the one who has to forceably take an old article of clothing from my possession and say, "You are not allowed to wear this anymore" or "Ellen, you cannot leave the house wearing an orange sock and a pink one." During college, I went through a stage where I cut my own bangs. Karen finally told me that the scissors were off limits and to go make a hair appointment. Looking back on the pictures, it is a good thing that she did, because if she didn't, I'd probably be bald to this day.

On the other side, she depends on me for important useless knowledge and blunt life advice. Sometimes I get calls at 11pm from Karen, needing me to solve an argument with her boyfriend. When she needs to know who sang, "Hold Me Now," I can tell her, "The Thompson Twins, and no, they were not related, and yes, there were actually three of them." And when she is having a nervous breakdown, I can tell her, "Dude, you need to quit working at SteinMart because it is full of soul-sucking society women in cheap name brand clothes."


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