Tuesday, July 27, 2004

ComicCon 2004 Observations

I’m back from the San Diego ComicCon!  Quite the experience.  I had a great time, and managed to write down some observations whilst standing in one of the many monster lines of which ComicCon seems to solely consist.  So without further ado…

ComicCon 2004 Observations
1.  My husband must really love me to wade through a universe of which he has no interest.
2.  Seeing little boys living for their comic books is endearing.  Seeing grown men obsessing over their comics is a wee bit sad.
3.  Nerds, not unlike Metallica fans, wear black a lot for some reason.
4.  Just because you wear the cloak, belt, boots and light saber does not mean that you actually are a Jedi knight.
5.  Storm trooper full-body armor looks really uncomfortable and hot.
6.  For some geeks, so much brain space is used for Buffy trivia, computer tips and role-playing card tricks, not much room is left for common sense.
7.  There is a place and a person for everyone out there.  If you haven’t found your niche yet, just keep looking.
8.  90% of any industry is utter crap.
9.  Teenage girls at ComicCon are either true geeks or posers.  There is no in between.
10.  If you really love your art, doing it for very little money is no big deal.  You’ve probably been creating it for free for years anyway.
11.  Always bleach out the color in your hair before dying it turquoise.  Otherwise, it just looks moldy.
12.  While sitting in line for an hour, cleaning out your purse takes relatively little time.
13.  I’ve discovered that I am more of a geek admirer/observer than an actual geek.
14.  There are different tribes of geeks, and they have different defining aspects:   
   -Star Wars Geeks- relatively normal in real life, with a secret George Lucas fantasy world.  Big time collectors. 
   -“Trekkies”- do not even attend ComicCon.  Have their own separate Star Trek Cons. 
   -“The Elves”- obsessed with The Lord of the Rings.  Attend Renaissance festivals in full gear.  Learn elvish.  Truly believe that they have just been misplanted in history.  Collect chainmail.  
   -Goth Erotica Geeks- a prickly bunch.  Not apt to allow in outsiders without the prerequisite piercings, purple hair, black lipstick (multi-gendered) and sinister sneer.  However, often turn out to be quite friendly if complimented on aforementioned articles. 
   -Manga/Anime Geeks- mostly Japanese girls in schoolgirl outfits.  Short skirt, knee high socks, Mary Janes.  Think GoGo Yubari from Kill Bill Volume One.  Must have tiny backpack.   

I'll tell you more about my trip tomorrow....


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