Friday, July 02, 2004

Superhero Ponderings

Spiderman 2 was fantastic! Even better than the first one, which was my favorite superhero movie to date. I think I’m more of a Marvel gal, than a DC Comics gal. I have learned all about such things from my cubicle mate, who is an aspiring comic book artist. I didn't even know that there was a difference, but there is. For instance, DC characters do not live in the real world. Superman lives in Metropolis, Batman lives in Gotham City, etc. Those characters all know each other, also. Wonderwoman, Batman, Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman…they are all buddies. They are also all gods or from other planets. Wonderwoman’s mother is an Amazon queen, Superman is from Krypton, blah, blah, blah.

Marvel characters, on the other hand, live in the real world. They hang out in New York, and can venture over to Washington D.C. They are all real people that had a brush with a scientific experiment gone wrong, or they are genetically mutated. Peter Parker becomes Spiderman, Bruce Banner becomes The Hulk, The X-Men…well, they are just freaks, let’s be honest.

Here’s how I see it…if these superheroes were all in high school together, DC Comics characters would be the cool kids. Athletes. Prom queens. Class presidents. In fact, they even have their own clique: the “Justice League.” You know the type…basic do-gooders. Frankly, I would not have fit in with the DC characters. They just aren’t conflicted enough. Not enough angst. I would have hung out with the Marvel nerds over on the “other” side of the cafeteria. I can imagine Spiderman fiddling around in the Science Lab, glancing at Superman running by outside, training for his next triathalon. The Hulk would, of course, be stomping around, wearing his Black Sabbath T-shirt, being generally anti-social and surly. The X-Men would be the drama geeks. I’m not sure where the Fantasic Four would have fit in, but I’m fairly sure that they would have been homeschooled.

The odd man out in this whole scenario is Batman. Although he is a DC character, he is decidedly human, though with lots of money to buy cool toys. My cubicle mate says, “He’s just a detective, not really a superhero.”

So maybe Batman is the high school narc.


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