Monday, June 28, 2004

My Chihuahua, The Evil Genius

I have always said that my dog, Squirrel, was an evil genius. [See the sweater post a few days ago for an example.] Well, we had yet another evil genius incident the other night that still has everyone involved rolling.

My sister, her fiance and my friend, Jody, came over to hang out with Jason and I. Karen and Bill went to a Drum and Bugle Corp competition in the evening, and dropped Bill's dog, Sunny, off to play in our backyard. Sunny is a large, spirited lab mix. About a year ago, we babysat Sunny and a few moments after meeting Squirrel, stepped on his back paw. Squirrel cried bloody murder and started limping, whereupon he got lots of attention and "Oh poor baby"s. Our suspicions were aroused when we caught him limping on the wrong leg several days later AND noted with interest, that when Sunny was in a different room of the house, his limp would vanish entirely.

On Saturday night, nearly a year since Sunny had been in our house, Squirrel's limp mysteriously returned! Then five minutes later, switched to the other leg.

Evil genius.


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