Thursday, June 17, 2004

Lasting Effects

Sometimes I wonder if I know now what current people in my life will have a lasting effect on me. I really don't think you know the effect until years down the road, when you find yourself reminded of their doings and sayings on a regular basis. This thought came to mind today because when I was riding to work, listening to my XM Radio, I heard the song "A Secretary Is Not A Toy" from How to Succeed In Business Without Even Trying. Now, I have never in my life heard this song before, but my good friend Melissa used to walk into my office (at a former job of mine, where I was the receptionist/registrar) and sing that to me all the time. I practically know the whole thing by heart, and I've never heard it before.

I had another friend who used to say "Wounds Heal, Bones Mend and Chicks Dig Scars." Sometimes, when I am debating whether to do something or not, that pops into my head. He also thought the song "She Don't Use Jelly" by The Flaming Lips was a masterpiece. I think about that dumb song every time I'm sitting under the hair dryer, getting my hair colored. ("I know a girl who reminds me of Cher. She's always changin' the color of her hair. She don't use nothin' you can buy at the store. She likes her hair to be real orange. She uses ta-a-a-a-a-angerines...")

I have a working knowledge of The Punisher, the Evil Dead movies, comic books, Weird Al Yankovic, Faith No More songs and ska music from a penpal buddy of mine.

A college friend of mine used to call me Mrs. Schmelle. She introduced me to the world of ABBA (she knew how to harmonize) and we spent most of our senior year watching old Brat Pack movies on the fold out couch when we should have been studying. She was a friend who was very needy and constantly drove me crazy. But I'm realizing that she truly made me laugh and that's pretty rare in life.

I rarely, if ever, see or talk to any of these people anymore. As the years pass, I am finding that they are the people that I miss the most.


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