Friday, June 25, 2004


Just spent part of the morning perusing Awful Plastic Surgery. There's some scary scary stuff over there. You should check it out.

Nothing is really happening right now. By a strange coincidence, my friend Melissa, who I just discussed a few posts ago (the one who used to sing "A Secretary Is Not A Toy") called me out of the blue this week. We're hanging out tonight.

My chihuahua was pretty funny last night. He makes my husband and I laugh a lot. As we were both relaxing on our respective couches last night, my chihuahua nonchalantly walked by carrying his little winter sweater in his mouth and left the room. He hates this sweater. We deduced that he was using this summertime opportunity to rid himself of the detestable sweater, hoping that Mom and Dad wouldn't notice. It struck us as funny. He wasn't being sneaky about it. It was more like, "Dum dee dum. Act casual, Squirrel. You can do it. Just walk that sweater right out of there." I'm still not sure where he went with it.


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