Friday, June 18, 2004

Friday Night with My Date, Mr. Blog

My handy husband is ripping out our carpet as I type. We went and bought the Pergo today, and we are pulling the carpet up so we absolutely have to finish the project instead of being half-assed about it. All the puppies officially have spoken-for homes, so it's just a matter of time before the little poop machines are gone.

We are trying out NetFlix this month. We figured that we spent at least a NetFlix monthly fee per month on video store late fees, so why not? We are watching "Sex and the City" right now. Pretty darn funny stuff, but here is my question: when I was in New York about a month ago, I saw Sarah Jessica plastered over half of the skyscrapers with "Coming Soon to WTBS!" printed next to her perky little in the hellfire are they going to turn this show into a primetime syndicated show? Honestly, the Samantha character is going to have to be completely edited out.

Do you ever get in the mood to get riled up just for the sake of it? When I do, such as this evening, I venture over to one of the many mothering bulletin boards (example) that exist out there in internet land, and read about one of the following topics: The Cry-It-Out Method (or the "Ferber" method) vs. Attachment Parenting, co-sleeping, working moms vs. stay-at-home moms, spanking, and pacifiers vs. thumbs. Mostly I laugh, but sometimes get pretty riled up. I've found that the thing that gets my goat the most is when moms insinuate (or bluntly say) that another mom is abusive and a hideous specimen of motherhood because they let their children cry or sleep by themselves, spank their children or place them in daycare. Hey, I'm down with other parents choosing not to do these particular things, but boy, do I get ticked off by the guilt trip tactics. Chances are, most of the children are going to end up fairly decent human beings, spanked or not. Just the fact that these moms care enough to argue about it online means that they are all probably above-average moms (or bored and have a whole lot of time on their hands.) My husband works with children who have been beaten, raped, molested, burned by cigarettes, left alone for six days with only a package of beef jerky...I wouldn't even put their parents past filling their bottles with Vodka. Letting your child cry in their crib for twenty minutes seems small potatoes.

Of course, none of these issues apply to me at all right now. I just like lurking on a good catfight.


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