Monday, June 28, 2004

A Wasted Weekend

I had a Wasted Weekend. Being a woman of routine, who also happens to be a homebody, I usually have my weekends quite mapped out by Friday evening. So when my plans are thrown for a loop, I assume that there was some sort of higher purpose.

I ended up spending most of the weekend with two different friends that I hadn’t seen for a year. On Friday night, I met with my friend, Melissa, for the evening. I was fairly tired that evening, so I meant to just meet for coffee and scamper home to bed. We ended up talking for four straight hours, and after I got home, I was still remembering things that I forgot to tell her. I love having friends with whom you can lose track of time, laughing and saying "I've always secretly thought that!". We talked about parenting (she is a new stepmom), theology, marriage and cluttered houses. It wasn’t like a stroll down Memory Lane; we just picked up where we left off.

On Saturday, my sister brought over our friend Jody. Our “catching up” ended up lasting 24 hours. He has had a very rough year. Circumstances happened to him that were life-altering and could have been life-devastating. He lost his job and his reputation in one large swoop. I have been worried about him for a year. However, an amazing thing has happened to him. He let God turn the negative into positive in his life. Which is a miracle, because even as he was describing the details of the events that had occurred, I found myself furious at the injustice done to him. He said, “Last November, I woke up and decided that I could either rot away in bitterness or I could pick up and get on with life.” So he got on with it. He said, “The best thing that has come out of all of this is that I will always know who my real friends are.” What an amazing thing to know, when you think about it.

It’s easy to forget how important relationships are. We just fall into our groove and lose track of some people, grow shallow with others and take close friends for granted. I find that I worry less about “making something of myself” and accomplishing fabulous things when I am connected to other people.


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