Friday, August 20, 2004

Hello in There

I think that I started feeling the baby move. I'm only 15 weeks, so I thought it was a little early, but I checked on the net, and apparently some women feel it by 13 weeks.

It's a bit like gas bubbles, except...different. Like tapping. Like some little busy-body next door neighbor tapping lightly on my door, saying "Yoo hoo!" except it's in my uterus. I just felt it again just now. Tap tap. Sort of like a flutter, but pokier. My sister thinks that it might be Morse Code. So maybe Morris is the new name, not Cletus.

I am quite thankful that Morris Cletus tapped when he did, because I was very down last night. I am really really missing my dog. I know it's stupid, but I've cried every night this week. Jason has been working late, and I've been so lonely at home by myself. Last night, my dad called to tell me that they took Squirrel to the vet to get his leg checked out. Turns out my dog is not an evil genius. Turns out that he has arthritis from a past injury. They had to muzzle him and hold him down to give him the x-ray. So that made me sad to begin with.

Then he broached the subject of new owners. Although Squirrel is doing really well at their house, they have a possible lead. I got off the phone and cried for awhile. I couldn't stand the thought of not ever seeing him again. I think I can finally understand some women's desire for open adoptions. Not seeing your dog again is hard enough, not seeing your child is a wee bit bigger.

Anyway, I was crying softly, watching Michael Phelps scoop up his 49th medal, and I felt the Morse Code. Maybe the baby was sending his sympathies to my chihuahua-less plight. It was nice.


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