Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Okay, I am sick of feeling sick. When I first got pregnant, I was just so thankful to finally be pregnant, I welcomed the morning sickness with open arms. In between vomits, I silently thanked God for the opportunity. It also gave me some reassurance, because the nausea meant that something was happening in there.

But the novelty has worn off a bit. I am sitting here at my desk before lunch, dreading having to decide what to eat. Shall it be broth today? Maybe a little toast? I would just like an appetite again. You never know how much eating occupies your life until every mealtime seems to gloomily loom on a constant horizon before you.

I am officially in my second trimester, and I am hoping for the Magic Fairy to descend upon me while I sleep and sprinkle me with Appetite Dust.

I apologize for the "poor me"s. I'm off to shove a banana down my throat.


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