Thursday, August 05, 2004

Thoughts on a Thursday

Happy Anniversary to Ellen and Mr. Ellen! Four years ago today, my husband saw me naked for the first time. And he actually stuck around.

I almost had a morning sickness sniper attack in the car this morning. I considered pulling over, but determined I wasn’t going to cave this time. Kept driving, and mentally kicked myself for throwing away those air sickness bags that I swiped off the plane two weeks ago.

We’re past our Tobey Maguire Movie Kick. We watched pretty much everything he’s made, except some B movie he made way back in the early 90’s. Favorite Maguire movie: "Seabiscuit." Least Favorite Maguire movie: "Pleasantville." I don’t know why. It was a good movie, by movie standards, but parts of it gave me the heebie jeebies. Maybe it was Joan Allen getting it on with herself in the bathtub.

So after seeing “The Village” last week, we’re onto our Joaquin Phoenix Kick. I’ve been fascinated by him as an actor since I saw him in “To Die For” way back in the day. But I seem to have missed quite a few years of him along the road. We watched “Inventing the Abbotts” this last weekend. I found it to be very touching and truthful about love. That’s one of my big selling points for a movie. If love is not presented with honesty, I get turned off. For instance, true love is kind and gentle. From what I’ve experienced and what I’ve seen in life, that’s the honest truth. A movie like, say, “Sweet Home Alabama” turns me off because, although the “love” may be passionate, it is innately selfish. That’s not real love. “Inventing the Abbotts” showed a wonderful parallel between one brother’s selfishness and another brother’s sacrifice.

Last night, we watched “Buffalo Soldiers.” Another great movie, but man…it made my head spin. I like movies where the lead character is a rogue, but you love him anyway. The Han Solo Effect.


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