Sunday, October 12, 2003

The weekend is truckin' along. Just woke up from a two hour nap. I don't know why I do this on Sundays, because then I can't get to sleep at night and I'm a crab on Monday morning. But it feels so good!

Went to church this morning, sans husband. He stayed home and cleaned the house. He said to me, "You go get us spiritual, I'll get us clean." I rolled my eyes, but didn't give him a guilt trip. Life is much easier when you give up on the guilt trips. Church was really good for me. I've written about my love of communion before, and today I just needed it. I just feel better. The sermon was pretty good. The pastor gives these long sermons that kind of meander around, but he always says something at some point in the sermon that hits home for me, so it keeps me on my toes to wade through the rest of it with him.

Some friends of ours stopped by our house last evening and hung out with us for a couple of hours. We used to be really good friends with them while we were dating and in the beginning of our marriage. But there was always this competitive edge to our relationship, and we started distancing ourselves. Then they had a tragedy, and we tried to be there for them, but it just felt like everything we said was wrong. They moved a couple of towns over, so we rarely see them, but I still feel like they are our friends. Anyway, they stopped by with their 10 month old daughter last night, and we all had a really good time. I truly don't feel competitive with her anymore. Not a bit.

I realized something about them that was probably always there, but I never saw. They offer their unsolicited opinions ALOT. Never seeing this before, I guess I always felt an unplaceable feeling of judgement from them. But after placing it in the beginning of the evening last night, I just kept an eye out for it the rest of the time, and disregarded a number of comments. It made the evening alot more pleasant for me. He said some insensitive comment about the color of my living room, like, "Oh, so you probably haven't painted this room since you moved in-- I can't see you picking out this color." I caught it and thought, "Just his opinion." Then I said, "No. This is the color I chose." He did a wee bit of backtracking at that point. Kind of fun to see him squirm.

No Simpsons on tonight. Stupid baseball. Bleh. Shoot. I just remembered I have a DVD that was supposed to be returned last Wednesday. Double bleh.


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