Friday, May 07, 2004

Ta ta, Friends

Well, I guess "Friends" is officially over. Fairly good finale. I just hate sappy crap. I wish these shows would end in the same manner that they performed. It's a comedic sitcom. No sadness! More funny! Like the "Newhart" ender. Does anyone remember that? It was beautiful, a work of art. The whole thing had been a dream from his prior television sitcom. Just because a show is ending does not neccesarily mean we need the characters to all delve into a new life. How about..."see you guys later" and the little world just continues on without us?

Maybe I get too involved with these stupid shows.

I think my dog is going to have her babies either today or tomorrow. She's just acting differently. When I left today, she had gone to hide under our bed. She usually follows me wherever I go. Anyway, we've decided to keep her. She just fits perfectly into our little menagerie. I think we're going to call her Bunny. I've been calling her Preggo, but I think she needs a proper name.


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