Monday, September 27, 2004

Pee and Paint

So question... when is it finally time to throw away the peed-upon positive pregnancy test sticks? I dreamt of seeing that second line for so long, that when I finally got one (or rather, SEVEN, since I tested on every brand available at WalMart), the sticks became trophies to me. After taking glamour shots of them for my photo album, they've been sitting in my medicine cabinet in a little plastic baggie, growing more yellow by the day. It's pretty nasty and they should really be discarded. But I've developed an emotional attachment to them, so it is difficult to think about chucking them.

Jason painted the baby's room last night. I spent weeks picking up paint samples and finding the exact shade of green that I wanted. I finally went and bought the paint this weekend, feeling so proud of myself. So he painted last night. He paints extremely fast and thoroughly (I think house painting is his spiritual gift) so I walked into the room three hours later to examine the walls. I just about fainted. It was green. Really really glaring green. Not an ugly pea green or anything, but not the faint whisp of green that I had been imagining. I was horrified by my complete misjudgement of paint color (I usually get it right.)

I went to bed and sat there and tried to say nonchalantly, "Well, I'm thinking that maybe a light colorwash would be nice over it..." Jason saw through my charade and sighed, "Just go pick a different color and I'll do it again"-- which relieved me greatly.

Today at lunch, however, I walked in the room and flicked on the light, waiting to feel the stomach-churning horror again. But I didn't. Maybe it dried lighter or maybe I have different flavored contacts in, but I sort of like it today. I think it will work. I am going to paint little pink flowers on it and I think it's gonna look pretty cute. know, now that I typed it out, neither of the above items make for much of an interesting story. Oh well.


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