Thursday, September 02, 2004

Tickled Pink

It's a girl!

We went in this morning and the doctor could tell pretty quickly. She was spread eagle across the screen (not exactly a shy child). He kept looking, just in case, but he said that he was 99.9% sure it was a girl, and he's rarely wrong. He said that he never says 100% when it's a girl, but he would almost venture to give us a 100%.

I am very excited. More excited than I thought I would be. When he said, "Girl", it didn't surprise me at all, for some reason. I think God has been emotionally preparing me for a girl for several weeks now. I was working on the baby's scrapbook the other day, picking papers and stickers and such. After doing a couple of layouts, I realized that I was creating a very feminine album, with lots of pink pages. It's amazing how much gender knowledge can motivate you. Two days ago, I couldn't even think about baby clothes or nurseries. Today, I'm thinking of colors and curtains. My sister has some pretty grand nursery plans. She wants to create a Rivendall Elf Nursery. We'll just see how far that goes with the husband.

Jason is happy, also. Of course, he's walking around muttering "More women. Geesh." (He's been dealing with my sisters and I for quite a few years now.) But I think he's pretty down with it. His father jokingly told him that they are going to either lock me in the Tower of London or chop off my head, so har har har.


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