Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Sugar and Spice

Confession. I really like "The Thong Song." It was just on the radio, and it occured to me that I hadn't really heard it since I got married four years ago. That was during the time of lingerie showers, where thongs were showered upon me for my honeymoon (which, by the way, haven't been used since, due to their evil wedgifying nature.) I think I like the song because Sisqo sings it with such conviction. He sings "Let me see that thong!" with the same intensity as a Celine Dion tune.

I find out tomorrow if, four years from now, I will be buying paper dolls or Tonka trucks. Yep, the big ultrasound. Boy or girl. People seem to ask two questions. "What are you hoping it is?" and "What do you think it is?"

First question...hmmmmm. I'll admit. In the beginning, I had strong boy leanings. For several reasons. Firstly, I didn't like any girl's names. Everything was either too girly or too dowdy or too trendy. My family gave me thousands of suggestions but most made me cringe or want to barf. Maybe that was the morning sickness, though. Anyway, I have a good solid girl's name now, so that's not an issue. Secondly, I had all sisters. I mainly grew up with friends who had all sisters. I know girls well. Boys, I don't know. I have no expectations for a boy (frankly I don't even know how to dress them. Overalls? Hats?) This "clean slate" seemed very pleasing to me. Plus, I hate to play tea party.

But lately, I've been noticing the sweetness and softness of little girls. The little hair bows and kitchen sets. I started thinking back on my own childhood and realizing that, wait a minute, I never played tea party. I don't know if God is suddenly preparing my heart for a girl, but if so, more power to Him. I truly feel neutral on the gender issue. I am Switzerland.

Besides, as my husband so delicately puts it, what are you gonna do about it anyway, shove 'em back in? I knew a girl at my company that was desperate for a girl. The doctor even told her that's what she was having. She soon was swimming in pink baby items. Around the seven month mark, they did a last minute ultrasound, and what do ya know. Penis city. She was devastated. She adjusted, of course, and loved her son after she met him. But I just found it odd that she would become that in love with a specific gender.

Second question..."What do you think it is?" I know people who swear by female intuition. One friend of mine heard a statistic that mother's first instincts are 80% correct. But here's the've still got basically a 50% shot of your intuition being correct. And 50% chance of it being incorrect. I guess I started calling El Wiggle Worm a "he" from the beginning. It just came out that way. So I suppose that I got "boy vibes." But how on earth can you really know? Your nose widens? You crave salty foods? You carry the baby low? You start to grow horns from your head? It's all fairly ridiculous when you think about it. However...I will admit that many of my friends' first gender instincts were correct. So stick that wherever you'd like to stick it.

Well, I'll let you guys know tomorrow.


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