Monday, September 13, 2004

The Drive-In

I went to the drive-in and saw "Mean Girls" on Saturday. I love the drive-in. It is the great equalizer of people. In the dark, nobody can tell if you are sitting in a Lexus or a Pinto. It doesn't matter if you are the Queen of England, if you leave your lights on, you will be honked at. Whether you are driving an 2004 Eddie Bauer SUV or a 1974 VW Bus, you still have to park in the last four rows. Everyone listens to the same crackly radio channel to hear the movie. If your kids are being brats, you take them to the same pathetic rusty playground in front of the screen. And during intermission, you scamper to the same bathrooms as everyone else and wait in the same long line, desperately peering around the corner every couple of minutes to catch the little cartoon from 1959 that tells you if you have seven minutes or two minutes to get that "delicious bag of mouth-watering popcorn" from the refreshment stand before the second feature starts.

They also always play a 1985 M&M's commercial that totally cracks me up. It's the one with the goofy song about "holdin' on to that M&M's feeling" and has those kids in high tops, jean jackets and leggings dancing in the streets, eating their M&M's. If we are just staying for the first feature, I still usually make us wait through the intermission to see that commercial. Ha ha ha.


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