Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Squirrel Update

It appears that Squirrel has implanted himself into my parents’ lives. (He is sort of like a virus that way.) My mom and sister visited this weekend, so I got to hear some nice Squirrel Implantation stories. Originally, the plan was to keep him solely in their kitchen, behind a baby gate, with his little doggie crate. Within weeks, he was sleeping in my sister’s room and the baby gate had mysteriously vanished. But they discovered a little chihuahua “tootsie roll” a few days ago (a wee poo) so it was back to the kitchen with him. Well, for about a night. Now, he and Ollie the Jack Russell Terrier are sleeping in my parents’ room at night. My dad tries so hard to be a doggie disciplinarian, but he’s almost as much of a sucker as I am. I think it gets worse by generations. My grandmother nightly fed her Pit Bull warmed ice cream from a spoon. There is no hope for my daughter at all. She’s bound for flea bites and stained carpet.

My sister, Sara, has even begrudgingly acknowledged that she likes his presence. Squirrel just needs a warm body and he will quietly sit on your lap for an entire evening. A small warm sighing chihuahua can be very addictive. It almost makes up for the “tootsie rolls.”


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