Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Workplace Ruminations

Our office building has two really gross, but addictive, machines.

The first is an old movie theater popcorn maker from like 1965, that has not been cleaned in twenty years. I'm totally serious. This one guy, Leon, who has worked here for about twenty years, bought the stupid thing when the town drive-in went out of business in the early 80's. Leon refuses to clean it because he said that the popcorn will taste weird without the old butter funk. But it's really good popcorn. They fire it up every couple of days.

The other machine is a coke machine from the 1970's that dispenses soda pop into a little plastic cup for 35 cents. It is so old and cheesy but the Cokes are SO good. They are the absolute perfect mix of syrup and carbonation. Plus, the ice comes out in cute little nuggets. But this is how gross and addictive it is--we have a gnat problem in the building. One day, a co-worker got a Coke from the machine. When the cup popped down, swarm of gnats flew out of the machine. We were all totally grossed out... BUT WE STILL DRINK THEM.

Office Survivor seems to have blown over. Everyone is making eye contact again. I'm sure that it will probably happen again at some point. But this girl has learned her lesson. If I get a secret, I am vaulting it and throwing away the Schnapps.


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