Monday, November 08, 2004

The Weekend News

Thank you again for all your comforting comments about Atticus. It took me a few days, but I'm not crying anymore. I'm actually smiling, because you know, that cat had a great life. Very few animals have owners who will pick the boogies out of their nose and hold a kitty treat between their fingers for their mentally-slow cat to lick.

We had a pretty good weekend. Aside from the nasty fight that Jason and I had on Saturday night, brought on by pregnancy hormones and general male-jerkiness, it was fairly enjoyable. We bought a crib. And somehow managed to fit it in the car, which was quite a feat. Jason set it up, and I put the sheets and bumper on it. Since then, I've been spending a good deal of time standing in the doorway staring at it. It's going to actually have a baby in it in three months. Somehow I can't seem to picture the kicking, wiggling alien in my stomach asleep in that bed.

I went to church on Sunday. Yes. I actually went to church. I'm coming off of a few years of general church disgruntlement. It was nice, though. We sang "I'll Fly Away." I wish more worship songs/hymns were more like that song. It seems real to me. When I listen to the words, they are not forced. You don't have to sing the lyrics 27 times to force yourself into some praise music-induced gooey state. They are real the first time and they are joyful. Kind of like "Amazing Grace."

And "Simpsons" was finally on. Woo. Hoo. The days of my October famine, caused by the World Series are over.

Again... Woo. Hoo.


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