Thursday, October 14, 2004

"Ellen's List of Most Profound Movies"

To preserve my sanity from the constant barrage of family phone calls about weddingweddingwedding, and to avoid the huge pile of work sitting next to me on my desk, I thought that I'd make this list. (And to be perfectly honest, my list is probably fairly shallow in nature, but then, it's my list. You aren't going to find "The Piano" or "Citizen Kane" on here. I guess these are just the movies that I find myself referencing on a regular basis.)

Orange County- Lesson Learned: No place is perfect, no family is perfect and no friends are perfect. But you can still find inspiration in the imperfections. There are the stoners, dancing cheerleaders and dumb pseudo-intellectuals wherever you go, although they make take on different forms. You can't escape it. Find happiness and people to love wherever you happen to be. (Favorite line: "All I know is somebody here is gonna hafta pee in a cup for my parole officer!" Or something like that.)

Groundhog's Day- Lesson Learned: Don't be a jerk. Getting ahead is not what is important in life. Try to appreciate the day, even if you are bored out of your mind. (Favorite lines: "Pastry, Larry?" "Don't drive angry!")

Office Space- Lesson Learned: Work sucks, but we all have to do it. At least find something to do that doesn't make you want to kill yourself. (Favorite Lines: "I don't like work...I'm just not going to go." "Excuse me, I have lost my stapler." Mumbled, of course.)

Reality Bites- I know, I know. How cliche. A Gen-Xer who liked that Winona flick. But to be honest, I really identified with the characters in this movie. Lesson Learned: You are not a loser just because you can't get a fabulous job after you graduate. We all have high ideals, but then we all also have to eat. (Favorite Line: Actually it's when Winona sits in her living room, depressed, braiding her hair and singing "I'm Just a Bill" from Schoolhouse Rock. I also like "Hey, Lanie, take a look around. You are IN the bell jar.")


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