Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Love That OB

Jason and I went and saw my beloved OB last Thursday. (I am currently 21 weeks, 5 days.) He always does an ultrasound, but this was the big one (and my last for awhile.) He checked the heart, stomach, head, cord, all that stuff. She looks healthy and wiggly. Or as he puts it, "beautiful" (and I'm not really a gooey emotional person, but that made me feel warm inside.) And yes, she still appears to be a girl, though breech at the moment.

I might possibly be developing placenta previa. My placenta is pretty low. He will do another ultrasound around 34 weeks and see if it moves. I could go either way, apparently. Oh well. If I've gotta do a c-section, then I've gotta do a c-section.

This weekend, I went on a "research trip" with several members of my design team to Kansas City. When I say "research trip" what I really mean is a perk trip that allows us to all go shopping in Anthropolie and eat at the Cheesecake Factory. We do actually research new gift design ideas, but in between our many Starbucks breaks. It was a really fun trip and the four of us got along really well. Our boss is a classic metrosexual guy, which are the best kind of men to take along shopping, because they never rush you out of a store. He is not gay, but he has on occasion uttered the word "yummy" when smelling a new candle scent.

My friend, who is due a month ahead of me, shared a hotel room with me. One night we ended up talking about childbirth and labor. We have completely opposite viewpoints on the whole deal, which we've known the whole time, but never discussed in detail. It was a good conversation and I think we tried to see the other person's point of view. She has been taking Bradley Method classes and wants her labor to go as drug-free as possible. She wants as little intervention as possible. She feels that women have been doing this for many years and you should keep it as natural as possible. I, on the other hand, am all about the Managed Care. The way I look at it, medical science has advanced to the point where I can have a relatively painfree, pleasant birth experience, while still allowing me to actively be involoved in my baby's birth. I trust my doctor, and feel that the decisions he makes are in the best interest of my child and me. Whatever it takes to give me a healthy baby is fine with me-- forceps, episiotomy, suction, c-section, whatever. Besides, he went to thirteen or so years of schooling for this exact specialty and currently delivers about five to ten babies a week. He knows more than me. That actually gives me a great deal of relief.


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