Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Well, Election Day is upon us and, horror of horrors, I still haven't decided who to vote for. Elections are hard when you are a Conservative Democrat/Liberal Republican. I guess that would make me an official "Independent." The problem is, I have major points of contention with both party's platforms. I am the perfect voter for courting. I could truly be swayed. Hello Bushie! Hello Kerry! There is a voter in Arkansas who is still undecided thirteen days before the election! Come and get me!

I remember when I was five, I went to the poll booths with my parents during the Carter/Reagan vote. Afterwards, I asked my dad who he voted for. I guess my dad wasn't keen on announcing his choice to a blabbermouth five-year-old, so he said, "I voted for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." So for years, I thought that was an option on the ticket. Vote for Bush, Kerry or Happiness. I wish it was that easy.

Maybe I'll just write in Tom Hanks. He seems trustworthy.


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