Thursday, June 05, 2003

Well, I can't seem to figure out how to do the "comments" thing yet. And now that I'm officially a blogger, I have been looking around at other people's cool sites and I feel sorely inadequate. "Secret Agent Josephine" is my favorite so far, but I also like the simplicity of "Rebecky." My husband knows how to do this website stuff, so I am going to utilize his resources. By golly, I'm going to have a spiffy blog yet!!

Here I sit at my office/cubicle. I was supposed to be signing closing papers on our house this morning, but the bank isn't done with the underwriting paperwork. Grrrrrrrr. I get so disappointed so easily. I've been this way since I was a kid. Not being able to go to the zoo would ruin my entire world. Now my closing on the house is put back a day. What is wrong with the universe?!

Another chick in my office is pregnant. People are so weird. My friend Beck and I (both baby insane) found out from this lady's ecstatic husband. We ventured over to her cubbie the next day and said, "Congratulations! Are you totally stoked?!" (sorry. 80's word there) She kind of half-smiled and said, "Oh, my husband's more excited about telling people than I am." She kind of looked humorless and a bit sour. Beck and I felt uncomfortable and left. I guess everyone reacts differently. I've just never been made to feel like I was making "too big a deal" about someone's good news.

Of course, my therapist husband would say, "Nobody can make you feel anything. How you feel is up to you." He's such a man. He's such a man who's been through three years of school getting his masters in counseling. He even has a book called, How You Feel is Up to You, which he regularly quotes from.


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