Sunday, May 23, 2004

Oh Danny Boy

Well, can I just say thank goodness that Daniel Radcliffe is turning out to be a good-looking chap. I was seriously worried. I have certain images of Harry Potter in my mind, and Daniel, so far, has fulfilled them. I was hoping that he wouldn't go Macauley Culkin on us.

The puppies are also staying pretty cute. We have one, who we've named Arrowhead (because he has the outline of a perfect arrow on the back of his head), who is the funniest. He cracks me up. You leave the room for five seconds to return and find that he has managed to squirm his way clear across the room and wedge himself under a bookcase. I don't know how he does it. His eyes aren't even open, but already he is Evel Knievel. The others are The Fat One, Little Girl and The Other Spotted One. Guess they lost out in the name department so far.

Watched Love, Actually on DVD last night. I saw it before in the theater and liked it. I still like it but here are a few observations:

1) Whole lotta boobies in this movie.

2) Why is Colin First (as delicious as he is) proposing to a Portugese woman that he hasn't even been able to communicate with? She could be psycho, for Pete's sake.

3) There's gotta be some way for Laura Linney to have a reasonably normal life AND a schizophrenic brother.

4) Emma Thompson is a saint (either that, or crazy.) I would have kicked Alan Rickman's cheating butt outta that house.


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