Thursday, May 20, 2004


I've been informed that my blog is now hard to read, which is what I was afraid of. Sorry. I will try to remedy that later. On the whole, I think it looks pretty good, so kudos to my husband.

Flat tire at lunch. Urg. I got almost to my house and heard the thumping. I was charging my cell phone at work, so I was sans communication. Rebekah and I trudged over to a nearby radio station and used their phone to call my husband, who was less than helpful. I already gave props to my husband in the last paragraph, so I am going to let off a little steam about him in this one. One frustration that I have had with my husband since we have been married (not really during the dating process, since males act completely different during that period) is that he cannot be inconvenienced. My car breaks down? "Sorry, deal with it. I have a meeting. And no, you cannot borrow my car. Find another ride." Today was not different, except that I didn't just blow it off like I usually do, since I got the exact same attitude LAST week when I had car problems. This time, I was fairly miffed.

My issue is not that he couldn't come help me, it is the attitude. What I perceive when he is blowing me off is that I am not worth his time. If he just acted like he really wished he could help me, that would probably be enough. Instead, I am just being a nuisance to him...when I wouldn't think twice about being late for a meeting if it meant he needed my help.

So I (and my pregnant friend) changed the tire out for the spare by ourselves in the 90 degree heat, drove slowly to Walmart and sat there for two hours, thereby being extremely late for work. When I got back I noticed that Jason had tried to call me eight times on my cell. He did send his secretary to drive us back to work, but by that time, we were already "dealing" with it. I sent a nice little note back with her. He's probably pissed at me, but I don't care. I am still fairly miffed.


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