Wednesday, May 12, 2004

More Thoughts on Fashion

A return to my discussion on fashion.

I put on my new Eddie Bauer khakis this morning and noted how comfy they feel. I realized that I have reached a new stage in life. The importance of comfy clothes. Shelley hit that point a couple of years ago (she's a few years older than me.) Back then, the gals at my work even had a phrase for bad clothes days-- "A Cranky Pants Day." I remember Shelley coming in one day and announcing that she had just bought some pants with an elastic waist and she didn't care who knew.

Maybe we can chart our stages in life by where we shop. During college, I was a grungey thrift shop girl. After I graduated, my mother threw away most of my clothes and told me A) I was not going to be able to get a real job wearing those ripped jeans, green plastic shoes and Hormel brand factory shirt and B) You can get body lice from thrift shop clothing. After much thought I decided that A) might have been true, but I doubt B) is.

I left American Eagle a few years after college. I started walking in and thinking, "I can't get away with wearing that baby tee!" and walking my 24 year-old butt right back out. Old Navy and the Gap were next to go, for different reasons. I caught myself saying on a regular basis, "Didn't Old Navy used to have better clothes than this?" They just took the retro movement too far. Baseball tee-shirts? Kinda cool. Velour rainbow halter tops? Kinda gross.

With the Gap, the clothes were fine but I found myself heading straight to the sale rack in the back, because I was not spending $40 on a new shirt that would probably fall apart the second go-round in the wash. It's not even worth it to me to walk all the way to the back of the store anymore.

Never even tried the Abercrombie/Banana Republic route, because who am I kidding? Those people barely let me in their store, much less buy their clothes.

So here I am at Eddie Bauer. Boring old Eddie Bauer. You know what people shop at Eddie Bauer? Yuppie fly-fisherman and their khaki-wearing wives. And me. So I guess I've officially hit the Adult stage in my life. Hoorah.


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