Thursday, May 27, 2004

Prolapse Pondering

Couple more heart thoughts before I go to bed...

I talked to my parents and apparently my mother and grandmother have the same heart thing! Mom said that she didn't have any other "symptoms" though--her prolapse was just found on accident. Back then, in the 70's, I guess it was called Barlow's Syndrome, or something like that (or as my formerly-physician-turned-minister father called it, "mid-systolic click/late systolic murmur.") Mom was concerned about the chest pains, though, because she never had anything like that.

I found a bunch of other random symptoms that, for some odd reason, seem to go hand in hand with the heart thing:

-unusually flexible joints (my mom can bend her thumb all the way down to her forearm/I am eerily flexible in yoga despite minimal exercising)

-palpitations (I've had these for a long time, like "heart flip-flop flutters." I always thought they were normal. "Um...NO." said my soon-to-be brother in law.)

-high anxiety levels (you guys already know that)

-low body weight

-easily fatigued, low energy level (well, I've always just considered it laziness. Nah. I'm just lazy.)

-low "surprise" tolerance (my friends have always commented how jumpy I am, and how I over-respond to the slightest shock to my system.)

-low exercise tolerance (again, I'm pretty sure that's just the laziness.)

-chronically cold hands and feet

One more thing, I started thinking about it, and God really takes care of me in weird ways. It's really important for people with this prolapse thing to take antibiotics for several weeks before they have dental work or go under the knife (Otherwise, the dying thing might possibly happen.) It makes me so thankful that my laparoscopy was postponed until this upcoming month.


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