Saturday, June 07, 2003

I'm moved into my house! Hooray! I am really excited and really really tired. The place is a mess right now. An utter mess. We had some good help- the Grusings, Karen (my sister) and her new beaujoy, Bill. So everything is officially in the house, pets included. Squirrel wore himself out running around inspecting everything, so he is now asleep in a pile of clothes. The cats are adjusting. Atticus just about hyperventilated, as usual. He doesn't handle change well at all. After freaking out, he retreated back to his cat carrier and stayed there the rest of the day, thinking, "This is not happening. This is not happening." Lizzie and Schaeffer are stealthily creeping around the whole house, jumping at any little noise. Worlds are rocked very easily when you are a very pampered Persian.

I can't believe I'm a house owner! It's our house and can paint it however I want! First things first, no more sage green! I might even go funky.

I spent all day with my friend, Mindy, who is a new mom (10 week old child.) She seems so tired, but she is still such a trooper. She packed up my kitchen in no time flat, between feedings. I was very impressed.

I can't believe Jewel went techno-pop. I'm willing to give it a chance, since I like that "Intuition" single on the radio.

This has been a pretty lame entry, today, but I tired.


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