Thursday, August 28, 2003

A co-worker of mine told me the funniest story yesterday. She is nine months pregnant and she went to see her OBGYN yesterday morning. As she was getting out of the car, the baby pressed on her bladder so hard that she knew the pee was coming and there was no stopping it. In order to save her skirt, she just squatted in the parking lot and went! Her husband was mortified. I laughed so hard I was shaking.

My sister and I watched "The Two Towers" last night. Such an intense movie. Near the end, I said, "I can't take any more of this! Turn it off!" But we managed to finish. Whew.

Trying to decide whether to apply for a different job in our company. I HATE making decisions. I need to do it today, because I have to ask my bosses' permission to apply for it. I hate that too. If I worked somewhere else and was applying for it, I wouldn't have to do that. Erg. I know he's going to be disappointed in me. That's the worst. If he yelled at me, I'd stand my ground and be defiant. But being disappointed in me....that's the worst. That's how my parents kept my sisters and I in line. They never yelled. They never spanked. They'd just look at you with those disappointed eyes and tell you they wish you'd done better and we'd be in tears. Double erg.

One time, I tried out for some band thing with my french horn. I put off practicing until the night before, all the while my mother is "disappointed" in me. So I try out and make all "1"s, which is the top score. My mother actually says, "But think how well you'd have done if you'd have practiced." .....HUH?

Oh well, such is growing up.


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