Friday, August 22, 2003

I put another picure of Orlando Bloom up in my office. Yow. My cubicle mate (a guy) teases me about my crush on Legolas, calling him a GirlBoy. I used to have a crush on Lance Bass of N'Sync. (who am I kidding. I still do.) But I have moved on to Orlando.

I think the reason that I have serious 13 year old girl tendencies is that I was never a real 13 year old girl. My depression hit in full force around that time, plus I was always afraid of letting my parents down. Deep down, I thought that included being a normal silly Bop!-reading teenager. So now I am free to return to my secret teenybopper roots. I love boy bands. I am attracted to Hello Kitty products. I want one of those little tiny pink backpacks that say "Princess" on the back of them. I wear headbands. I even have a pair of PowderPuff Girls panties.

And if I have a girl someday, I will let her buy Bop! magazines.


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