Monday, August 11, 2003

Well, Volcano Ellen just erupted in our category meeting. We had another dumb meeting about how to plan birthday parties, birthday lunches, birthday cards, weekly meetings, baby showers and wedding showers. It just about made me want to vomit. I have had to fork over about 100 bucks since Christmas on showers for people at the office and had to help plan half of them. I'm just so sick of getting suckered into helping out with every little event in this office. So I said it. A little nicer than that, but filled with quite a bit of venom.

I felt bad afterwards, but honestly, give me a break. I have a life outside of this office and I don't feel like spending all my money towards people that I just work with. We have one girl who is a bit of a manipulative bully when it comes to this stuff. She always manages to get money out of me. Another lady pulls the ole' "Ask Ellen's 'opinion' a thousand times until she just gives up and helps plan the damn thing."

No more. I am not giving another dime and I'm not planning another shower. I am asserting boundaries. People hate Boundaries Ellen, because she's not the usual pushover.

They can just bite my butt.


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