Tuesday, July 29, 2003

My husband wrote me a sweet poem this morning and read it to me while I was still in bed. To be honest, I can't remember most of it because I was so groggy. But it was so sweet and romantic. And I'm not really a romantic type of gal.

We're going away for a few days at the end of the week, to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. Score! Only to Branson, but I am really looking forward to it. Silver Dollar City, here I come! And outlet malls. Plus, we're going to the World's Largest Toy Musuem. No Lawrence Welk or Andy Williams for us!

Barbara came over to get Fifi last night and as soon as we opened the gate, Fifi and Squirrel bolted like it was a Steve McQueen movie. They took off for Oklahoma! Which is not actually saying much, since the border is about 50 feet from the end of our street. I would have been mad, but they were so funny, I couldn't stop laughing. Jason took off after them in his socks, and Barbara jumped in her car and followed. There is nothing like watching a longed haired dachshund and his chihuahua sidekick running down the street at top speed for a good laugh. We finally caught them and hauled them in. It was quite the day for the Squirrel. He was asleep the minute we put him to bed.

In other news, my father bought himself a BMW motorcycle. Whatever.


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