Thursday, July 24, 2003

What the bleep is the matter with this comment engine? I'll have everyone know that if I don't comment you back, it's because I can't get on the bleeping comment page.

I am a lousy friend. My good friend is getting married in a week, and I rarely see her anymore, but I promised her I'd throw her a shower. Never planned it. Then her sister calls and SHE'S throwing the shower, and I can't even attend! I'm going to my Dad's induction thing at his new church. I know she's going to be hurt. She was a bridemaid in my wedding. She flew all the way from fricking Switzerland to be in my wedding. And I can't even get off my butt, one town over, to throw her a shower! Argh! The guilt!

Sometimes I just want to start over, me-wise. Here's the personality traits that I wish I had, but am sorely lacking (This is not meant to be Ellen bashing, just a truthful assessment):

1) Musical prowness. Why did I quit piano? Why did I sell my french horn? Why did I not practice my guitar? Why the hell can't I sing like Aretha? Because I don't have the TALENT. In another dimension, I am Gwen Stephani.

2) Thoughtfulness, and other hostess-y type skills. I don't lay out the towels for my guests and they end up walking around the house wet after a shower. I forget to plan showers. I HATE to plan showers. I don't send flowers to people in the hospital. I don't send thoughtful cards, and I work in a CARD COMPANY.

3) Better work ethic. Solitaire. Blogging. Complaining. That's me.

4) Procrastination. I'll write more about this later.....right.

5) Budgeting. I had a budget once. I still think of myself as on the budget, just on a break. That was six months ago.

6) Fashion. I spend way too much money on books and art supplies, then I dress like a....well, just boring.

Eh... this list is boring me. Who the hell cares. I'm not perfect. Sue me.


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