Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Well, Jody is getting booked today. He called me this morning and they pressed charges yesterday. It's just so awful. I sat there on the phone and thought, "What on earth do I say?" "Have fun"? I don't think so.

My boss is on vacation right now. He gave me mountains of work to do, but by golly, I just don't feel like doing it. So there it sits, whilst I type upon my keyboard. I'm always happier when I am busy, but my laziness is getting the better of me.

In other news, ovulation time is over, so the wait begins. I went and talked to my doctor last week about my short luteal phase but he didn't seem worried about it. He seemed surprised at how much I knew about luteal phases, temperature dips and cervical mucus. No wonder. Whenever I go in there, the waiting room is filled with 16 year old girls who don't look entirely delighted to be knocked up. I am almost always the oldest person in the waiting room, which is so strange, since I am only 28 years old. Things are just different in the South. Or maybe it's just small town Arkansas. Pretty much everyone I graduated with from high school has two or three kids by now. I feel old, but I also feel thankful. I'm thankful that I had my time to lay on the couch in the evenings with my pets with no real responsibilities, and that I know the feeling of really wanting children-- not just having them forced on me.


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