Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Two more days until my friends return! I have been waiting anxiously for Harry, Ron and Hermione to return for three years now. Hooray!

I am not a freak, I promise. But after I finished the last Harry Potter three years, I really got sad! I felt like my friends were gone. I felt the same way after reading the Bridget Jones books. Like this endearing, drunken woman had just left my life.

I will probably not deal well with "Friends" going off the air a year from now. I might need some consoling around that time.

My sister-in-law, Alice (cool name, huh?) and my father-in-law, Ray (not as cool a name), are coming for the weekend. I am looking forward to it. When Alice comes, we usually sit around in our pajamas all morning and sip on hot chocolate and talk about babies. (Neither of us has one.) Maybe we'll try to get Mindy to come over with The Baby so we actually have one to pick at.

Alice is one of those Loud People in life. Her favorite word (said in a booming voice), is "AWE-SOME!!!!" Said in two distinct syllables. The funny thing she doesn't look like she'd be one of the Loud People. She is cute, blonde and perky. But she was raised with three boys, so I guess that would turn anybody Loud.

Well, I'd better return to my game of Solitaire.


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